Welcome to House Of Vision

A new perfume brand founded in 2023 that aspires to embolden imagination and instil strength through signature fragrances.

Under the management of Creative Director Bugzy Malone

The Vision

Our Creative Director, Bugzy Malone, envisioned House Of Vision as more than just a perfumery. His aspiration was to build a brand that could empower people to embrace their full potential. Regardless of the specific products we offer, Bugzy's north star is to use House Of Vision to inspire fortitude, imagination, and fearlessness through the power of fragrance.

"Dreams are cloudy, visions are clear."

— Bugzy Malone

Welcome to the distinguished world of House Of Vision, a new perfume brand founded in 2023 that aspires to embolden imagination and instil strength through signature fragrances.

Under the management Creative Director, Bugzy Malone, House Of Vision draws inspiration from the heraldic coats of arms that eminent English families brandished to represent their pedigrees. In the same spirit, our fragrances become a crest of fortitude and a symbol of one's inner identity and vision.

The House Of Vision ethos is rooted in this idea of fragrance as a personal heraldry shield. Our perfume bottles are adorned with a coat of arms meant to galvanize the wearer and empower them to envision their highest self. With each spritz of a House Of Vision aroma, we endeavour to infuse a sense of valour and audacity to envision the destiny you deserve.

Our inaugural perfume is Fortitude, launched in 2023. Fortitude epitomises our brand's pursuit to kindle intrepidness and resilience. The contrasting notes of pink pepper, bergamot, cardamom, lavender, vanilla and more unite to craft a dynamic, multifaceted scent.

The fragrance notes read: "Lustrous pink pepper, sparkling citrus accents of bergamot and mandarin, and the opposing hot and cold qualities of cardamom announce the arrival of this redolent contrast. Brooding spice accords of clove and cinnamon softened by waves of lavender and geranium, descend in darkening tones of creamy sandalwood, golden vanilla, burnt amber and rich patchouli.”

While Fortitude inaugurates our collection, we envision expanding into more imaginative aromas in the future. Regardless of the treasures we create, bestowing strength, creativity, and inspiration shall remain the cornerstones of House Of Vision.

The coat of arms

The logo design was initially conceived by Bugzy Malone, who drew inspiration from old English family crests and coats of arms that represented each household. Malone incorporated icons representing key elements of his life, like music and art, on the logo's shield. This personalized symbolism pays homage to historic English heraldry while intimately capturing Malone's world. The initial design was then elevated by Manchester-based artist Scott Greenwood, who added finishing touches to finalize the logo with a stylized flourish. The end result is a perfume brand mark that blends classic regal motifs with modern interpretations to create something uniquely representative of Bugzy Malone and his body of work.